Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soccer season

We are proud supporters of the Monster Trucks and Fire Stars!

Fall Festivities

Painting pumpkins at Whole Foods Market.
Amanda and Dave G. wearing their regular clothes to our costume party.
Zev the pirate and "Grampa Dennis" as The Rock Man comparing muscles.
Super interested in looking back at her cape that she "flew" into a wall.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative Friends

My friend Megan from Portland made this amazing mosaic for me. She even tucked it under her arm as her carry on to get to me! She is crazy creative and I appreciate her use of recycled materials that she uses in her art.

Lyra, a friend from New Mexico made this gorgeous necklace. I honestly didn't even know it was her jewelry booth that I was drooling over...I was so taken by her work. Lucky me, to have such talented friends. I must say the pictures I have taken are lousy, it's more difficult than I thought to show case this kind of stuff.

Check out Lyracism:

Notice that both pieces have a dragonfly. Thanks ladies and feel free to send me more goodies!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have continued my yoga journey in Florida and am so pleased with where it has taken me. I have been teaching at LA Fitness for the past year and have added Serenity Stream Yoga Studio and Kids Community College to my busy schedule.

I teach a Vinyasa Flow at the Gym and teach Pre/Post natal, Youth Yoga and Empowering Yoga at the Studio. I also volunteer once a week at the boys school to teach each grade how to get in touch with their mind/body/ spirit connection while standing strong and proud as warriors, trees and eagles. The enthusiasm, smiles and hugs I receive from the students is amazing. It deepens my personal practice with every class I teach.