Thursday, March 19, 2009

No need to fear...

The Cornell Superheroes are here!

Yep, just a typical day at our house---fighting off bad guys, (who knew there were so many, I never see them so they must be doing their job!) jumping off tall building and cliffs, (my poor furniture) Using weapons and tools needed to capture and conquer, (various kitchen utensils, yoga straps and blocks...)

They are available on weekends at no cost, call now! Seriously.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stella modeling her Easter Dress, sewn with love by Nonna

How lucky I am to have a seamstress in my family, Nonna (Italian for grandma),aka: Mom, Maria.
Using flower girl reject fabric, (we are going with a different fabric for Tony and Gwyn's wedding) Nonna used the pattern that will be used for the wedding and made Stella an Easter dress. Stella calls it her princess dress and wants to wear it every hour of the day. Nonna is also making the brides dress and perhaps her own dress to wear for the special day. I wonder if it is too late to ask if....

Giving love, showing compassion, a true Valentine.

I am a proud member of a volunteer organization: Tampa Big Givers. One of our most recent projects involved creating a Valentine Party for children at an orphanage. Children range from 6-18yrs old and most have been abused, abandoned, overall disrespected by their parents/guardians. Their stories and lives break your heart. It was a pleasure to be with them, even if only for an afternoon and hopefully bring a smile, warmth and relief from their worries. Zev volunteered to come along to help, which I was so pleased with. It opened his young eyes to those less fortunate, he was able to practice and give kindness. We decorated cookies, did crafts, played games and promised to be back---and we will. If only for a short time...we can make a difference. TampaBigGivers