Friday, November 27, 2009

From jungle to outer space, it's all about Star Wars!

When you turn 8 and 6, a jungle room is soooo last year.  So, part of my birthday gift to the boys this year was re-doing their bedroom.  I would like to point out that I have yet to paint my own bedroom.  Who wouldn't want to wake up to see a Storm Trooper shooting at them?!

We are thank-full

This Thanksgiving we had Andrew's parents, my parents and my Uncle Rick over.  What a treat for the kiddos to have all of the grandparents around.  I think Uncle Rick was the favorite, as he brought them gifts.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ohio State Football watching at the Cornell's

My parents were visiting during the OSU/Michigan game. Our friends, the Gatchels came over and their daughter and Stella played princess---this was just as entertaining to watch.

OSU won by the way.

Rex, The Boston Terror

Rex has bounced back from being a very sick puppy to a very healthy, rambunctious Boston. He is 6months old now and we love having him around---most of the time.

Celebrating 13 years together!

A night out to celebrate our anniversary, "lucky 13!"

Stella is Three!

Stella had two cakes this year because her birthday fell in the middle of the week and then we celebrated it with friends that wknd. I think my Hello Kitty cake turned out great, surrounded by "baby kitties". Watching the Cake Boss show late at night has paid off. I sculpted the cake out of rice crispies!

Summer Fun

Swimming and Busch Gardens Camp

This has to be the most laid back Flamingo ever. Can you believe it!?

The best July 4th ever!

Zev and Skye's Birthday, Learning to give...

Thanks to all that attended Zev and Skyes birthday party. Instead of gifts, the boys received school supplies for the Joshua House. This is an orphanage for boys and girls ages 6-18 in Tampa. As you can see we had a huge water, jumpy slide and had a blast! The boys were very happy and proud at the donation drop off facility.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet "Rex" the Boston Terrier

We adopted Rex at 9 weeks old and we just adore him. We had him for about a week when he developed a virus, cause still unknown. He is bouncing back slowly, but let me tell you---it is rough to watch a little creature suffer and not know how to help him. Even worse when your children are looking at you with sad eyes and asking, "Mom, is he going to die?" He is being treated at the place that we adopted him from and we hope to have him home soon. My Dad in his Thoreau-esque nature, said: "I will go outside right now and throw a stick in the river for him." I love that.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A new journey

I have the pleasure and deepest respect for Heartland Cancer, (an affiliate member of Moffitt Cancer Center)namely Bj and Dr. Avashia with working for them as a Yoga teacher. Having been inspired by a few of my very close friends who have/had Cancer, I have found them to be the best teachers of all. Pictured here are two of my students that are currently undergoing Chemotherapy (note the treatment chairs behind them) for Breast Cancer. When you look at the stats of how many of us will one day develop Cancer, look now at what you can do starting TODAY----to prevent it.

One of our favorite visitors

Who else but Jacqueline can walk in 4 inch heels and sport a rockin' outfit while kneeling with Stella. Note that each is holding a baby while singing/playing guitar. Just too funny, and that is why we love her.

Easter 2009

Uncle Tony and soon to be "Aunt" Gwyn visited us during Easter. They were great Easter Bunny helpers hiding and searching for treats.

Earth Day Project

I loved volunteering in the boys classroom, Stella always right by my side. I was able to have Home Depot donate plants, pots and soil for an Earth Day project again this year. The kids enjoyed painting the pots and then planting their own flowers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


What a fantastic way to kick off Spring Break for the boys, EPCOT with two of their favorite pals: Nicholas and Jack.
It was great fun to spend time with our pals from Dayton, OH (who courageously took on a five day Disney pass---and lived to tell about it---barely.)
The image of the boys in the convertible, classic!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

No need to fear...

The Cornell Superheroes are here!

Yep, just a typical day at our house---fighting off bad guys, (who knew there were so many, I never see them so they must be doing their job!) jumping off tall building and cliffs, (my poor furniture) Using weapons and tools needed to capture and conquer, (various kitchen utensils, yoga straps and blocks...)

They are available on weekends at no cost, call now! Seriously.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stella modeling her Easter Dress, sewn with love by Nonna

How lucky I am to have a seamstress in my family, Nonna (Italian for grandma),aka: Mom, Maria.
Using flower girl reject fabric, (we are going with a different fabric for Tony and Gwyn's wedding) Nonna used the pattern that will be used for the wedding and made Stella an Easter dress. Stella calls it her princess dress and wants to wear it every hour of the day. Nonna is also making the brides dress and perhaps her own dress to wear for the special day. I wonder if it is too late to ask if....

Giving love, showing compassion, a true Valentine.

I am a proud member of a volunteer organization: Tampa Big Givers. One of our most recent projects involved creating a Valentine Party for children at an orphanage. Children range from 6-18yrs old and most have been abused, abandoned, overall disrespected by their parents/guardians. Their stories and lives break your heart. It was a pleasure to be with them, even if only for an afternoon and hopefully bring a smile, warmth and relief from their worries. Zev volunteered to come along to help, which I was so pleased with. It opened his young eyes to those less fortunate, he was able to practice and give kindness. We decorated cookies, did crafts, played games and promised to be back---and we will. If only for a short time...we can make a difference. TampaBigGivers

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kids Community College gift to the President

I saw an Obama poster at the store and brought it home to put up somewhere. An idea hit me while looking at the poster and I shared my thoughts with the Director of our school. How awesome would it be to have the children and Professors sign the poster, take a picture of everyone in front of our school and write a little note to our President. It would be our way of saying, welcome to the White House, we wish you well, and thank you for your continued support of Charter Schools. The idea was a hit! It's hard to see from the pic, but right in the middle of the crowd, a few children stand holding the poster.
I'm proud of our school and appreciate the opportunity to make this happen. It's on its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2008 challenge Yoga Pose:

Scorpian! I still have some work to do on this, moving the feet closer to my head. (Honestly fine with where they are at this point).
The group pic's are a Yoga Birthday party for our friend Veronica.
Notice my boys in the last pic compared to the girls...yeah, not so much into the meditation but all about jumping for the "volcanoe"!

Cornell and Gatchel Families on one couch!

These guys live down the street and we share many laughs, play time and beers together.
Bonus: They are OSU fans!