Friday, November 27, 2009

From jungle to outer space, it's all about Star Wars!

When you turn 8 and 6, a jungle room is soooo last year.  So, part of my birthday gift to the boys this year was re-doing their bedroom.  I would like to point out that I have yet to paint my own bedroom.  Who wouldn't want to wake up to see a Storm Trooper shooting at them?!

We are thank-full

This Thanksgiving we had Andrew's parents, my parents and my Uncle Rick over.  What a treat for the kiddos to have all of the grandparents around.  I think Uncle Rick was the favorite, as he brought them gifts.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ohio State Football watching at the Cornell's

My parents were visiting during the OSU/Michigan game. Our friends, the Gatchels came over and their daughter and Stella played princess---this was just as entertaining to watch.

OSU won by the way.

Rex, The Boston Terror

Rex has bounced back from being a very sick puppy to a very healthy, rambunctious Boston. He is 6months old now and we love having him around---most of the time.

Celebrating 13 years together!

A night out to celebrate our anniversary, "lucky 13!"

Stella is Three!

Stella had two cakes this year because her birthday fell in the middle of the week and then we celebrated it with friends that wknd. I think my Hello Kitty cake turned out great, surrounded by "baby kitties". Watching the Cake Boss show late at night has paid off. I sculpted the cake out of rice crispies!

Summer Fun

Swimming and Busch Gardens Camp

This has to be the most laid back Flamingo ever. Can you believe it!?

The best July 4th ever!

Zev and Skye's Birthday, Learning to give...

Thanks to all that attended Zev and Skyes birthday party. Instead of gifts, the boys received school supplies for the Joshua House. This is an orphanage for boys and girls ages 6-18 in Tampa. As you can see we had a huge water, jumpy slide and had a blast! The boys were very happy and proud at the donation drop off facility.