Friday, June 19, 2009

A new journey

I have the pleasure and deepest respect for Heartland Cancer, (an affiliate member of Moffitt Cancer Center)namely Bj and Dr. Avashia with working for them as a Yoga teacher. Having been inspired by a few of my very close friends who have/had Cancer, I have found them to be the best teachers of all. Pictured here are two of my students that are currently undergoing Chemotherapy (note the treatment chairs behind them) for Breast Cancer. When you look at the stats of how many of us will one day develop Cancer, look now at what you can do starting TODAY----to prevent it.

One of our favorite visitors

Who else but Jacqueline can walk in 4 inch heels and sport a rockin' outfit while kneeling with Stella. Note that each is holding a baby while singing/playing guitar. Just too funny, and that is why we love her.

Easter 2009

Uncle Tony and soon to be "Aunt" Gwyn visited us during Easter. They were great Easter Bunny helpers hiding and searching for treats.

Earth Day Project

I loved volunteering in the boys classroom, Stella always right by my side. I was able to have Home Depot donate plants, pots and soil for an Earth Day project again this year. The kids enjoyed painting the pots and then planting their own flowers.